Things a Bail Bondsman Cannot Do: Don’t Ask!

Bail bonds make posting bonds easier for anyone who has been arrested and wants out of jail. They offer loans of sorts that give individuals a break during an already difficult time. With use of a bail bond, you can pay just 10% of the original bond amount to get out of jail.

However, there are things bondsmen cannot do for their clients, even if they wish it were different. When you call a bondsman, make sure you understand that he is not a magician and does not have any special ties.

Using a bondsman benefits individuals because it saves them a lot of money and potentially, headaches. However, your bondsman must abide by all laws and practices during his service to you.

A bondsman cannot provide any type of legal advice. While it’s true that bondsmen work in the legal sector, they do not hold law degrees. It is illegal for a bondsman to provide any advice at all.  He also cannot give any attorney referrals, even if he knows the best attorneys in town.

Do not ask a bondsman to reduce the bond amount. He cannot reduce the amount no matter how nicely you ask him. The bondsman can only help clients out by charging them a reduced fee for jail release.

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The bondsman cannot send messages to the person who is in jail. We know that you want your loved one to know you are out there but sending messages simply isn’t on the agenda and something they cannot and will not do.

A bondsman also cannot speed up the release process which can take time in some cases.

Bailbonds Vista makes it easier and cheaper to get out of jail. Trust a company like Acme Bail Bonds to help in the darkest hour.