Signs of an Opiate Addiction

Opiates are becoming one of the most commonly abused drugs in America. People of all ages and backgrounds are affected by the drug, which quickly affects a person’s life, health, and more. If you suspect that a loved one has an addiction to an opiate, many signs help you better diagnose this concern. It is important that you help the person addicted to opiates because it is so dangerous. A recovery center fayetteville ar provides rehabilitation services that helps your loved one go back on the right path. What are the signs of an opiate addiction?

1- Behavior Changes

The first sign most people notice when a loved one is addicted to opioids is behavioral changes. The person may no longer participate in activities they once enjoyed, they may be angry or irritable more, and they may avoid people.   The person who is addicted to opioids also usually becomes isolated from friends and family.

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2- Physical Changes

Many physical changes also occur when a person is battling an opioid addiction.  This drug takes a toll on the body and other people notice those changes. Weight loss is usually one of the first physical changes that a person displays. Their voice may become raspy and their words may become slurred.

3- Money Problems

A person who has an addiction to any type of drug usually has a problem with money as well, in that they never have enough. It is not easy to support a drug habit, that goes without saying. So if you notice other signs of an addiction along with money problems, you’ve likely found the trouble.

4- Relationship Problems

A person with an addiction to an opioid puts the dug first in their life. They find it more important than kids, work, relationships, and other aspects of their life. If you are experiencing problems in the relationship that come from out of nowhere, it could be the problem.