Why Consider All 4 One Dentures?

People with missing teeth who want the benefits of dental implants at a lower cost should talk to their dentist about all on 4 implants. As a more affordable implants option, people find it easier to choose this option to replace their missing teeth. Just like traditional implants, the all on 4 dental implants cartersville offer a more realistic looking tooth compared to dentures.

all on 4 dental implants cartersville

All 4 one implants use one implant per arch. It is less invasive than the traditional service, which saves a tremendous amount of money. The implant snaps onto the jaw arch with help from the screw that is surgically inserted into the jaw. They are removable for comfort and better oral care.

The cost of the implants differs for each patient. Numerous factors impact the costs of the implant, including the procedures needed to prepare the mouth for the procedure and the type of all 4 one implant selected. The end result is a price that’s at least half the price of traditional dental implants.

Most people prefer implants over denotes because they look more like natural teeth and feel that way, too. Dental implants allow the user to speak clearly and enjoy the foods they love whereas dentures may cause a few setbacks. They provide the wearer with confidence that dentures do not.

The biggest disadvantage of implants is that dental insurance does not cover the costs. You are responsible for covering the entire costs of the implant process, even if you choose the all 4 one implants.  Dentists offer patients several financing and payment options.

All 4 one dentures provide a cheaper alternative to dental implants for people missing teeth.  Learn more about the implants by talking to your dentist. A free consultation can provide information and answer your questions about this procedure.